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Anyone who can’t defend their religion doesn’t really believe in anything.


“Why I Follow Christ”

I cannot claim authorship of this…it was written in 1981 by John C. Hutchinson Jr. I heard it in an Adrian Rogers sermon I was listening to on a road trip today, and I felt it was too good not to share it.


Politician: “Keep Your Convictions to Yourself”

While the title’s not a direct quote, that’s the gist of what was said by Representative Lynn Woolsey (D-CA) in a letter to Politico. The essence of this is, “keep your superstitious foolishness to yourselves and leave the governing to us progressives, or we’ll steal your money.”

If you’re wondering where you may have heard of Rep. Woolsey before, she was the one responsible for Cindy Sheehan’s disruption of the 2006 State of the Union address. She had given her sole invitation to Sheehan, despite knowing she was a full-on loon.


Salvation by Faith…and the Sabbath?

I was greeted at the Christian bookstore where I work this fine Saturday morning with a set of papers stapled together on the table behind the sale counter. It sort of grabbed my attention, as it said in big, bold, all-caps letters, “TELL OTHER CHRISTIANS AND SAVE A SOUL FROM HELL.”

So immediately I think, “this doesn’t look like company material….”


Brian McLaren needs to butt out

Just got an email that’s torqued my lugnuts a bit too much concerning Brian McLaren. In case you’re unfamiliar, he’s one of the most influential “evangelicals” in America…at least, according to Time magazine. I put “evangelical” in quotes, because, by my reading, the man doesn’t seem to have the whole Christian thing figured out yet.

Merry…winter solstice?  I don’t think so. 7

Merry…winter solstice? I don’t think so.

originally posted December 4th, 2008

For some perverted reason, over the last few years there’s not been a Christmas that has gone unspoiled by some tomfoolery. This year (2008), the flashpoint is apparently centered in the Washington State Capital building, where an atheistic organization placed a sign protesting religion in general, Christianity in particular, and Christmas expressly.

It’s a display that smacks of spiteful children railing about how unfair some fact of life is.