Joe Wilson: My Thoughts

This is just a quick note on Representative Joe Wilson (R-SC), who interrupted Obama’s Wednesday night speech with “you lie!” Which, by the way, was true: Obama lied when he said the current plans didn’t cover illegal immigrants. I only have two criticisms for the Representative.


Salvation by Faith…and the Sabbath?

I was greeted at the Christian bookstore where I work this fine Saturday morning with a set of papers stapled together on the table behind the sale counter. It sort of grabbed my attention, as it said in big, bold, all-caps letters, “TELL OTHER CHRISTIANS AND SAVE A SOUL FROM HELL.”

So immediately I think, “this doesn’t look like company material….”


Brian McLaren needs to butt out

Just got an email that’s torqued my lugnuts a bit too much concerning Brian McLaren. In case you’re unfamiliar, he’s one of the most influential “evangelicals” in America…at least, according to Time magazine. I put “evangelical” in quotes, because, by my reading, the man doesn’t seem to have the whole Christian thing figured out yet.

Gas Tax Idiocy 0

Gas Tax Idiocy

I was doing something the other day I won’t be doing again in the foreseeable future: reading a Motor Trend magazine. I was out of toilet reading material, but, while reading, I found another toiletry use for the magazine. Yup, they’re pushing an increased gas tax, like the government’s talking about even now. It’s all about forced behavior modification and enhanced governmental control over lives.

Awe of Space Travel 0

Awe of Space Travel

I got to do something a week or so ago that I haven’t been able to do in quite some time: watch a space shuttle launch. I can’t even remember the last time I’d watched one, but it’s just as awesome as I remember them. But with all the talk of retiring the shuttles floating about and current government plans for replacement, I really have to look back and evaluate my understanding of the space program.

Better Bitter Clinging 0

Better Bitter Clinging

I picked it up today…a Blackhawk Spec-Ops stock with recoil suppression springs built-in. It wasn’t cheap…but it’s got adjustable length, fits right into the existing weapon, and looks pretty bad-news.

I love Opera! 0

I love Opera!

I am an Opera user, and I have been ever since the late nineties…probably as early as 1997. I love Opera…I always have and, from the looks of it, always will. It’s here to stay, and there is no reason to pull the plug on it.

The Longhorn Revenge Law? 0

The Longhorn Revenge Law?

In further attempts to better waste taxpayer time and money, representatives to the U.S. House have proposed the College Football Playoff Act of 2009. Hey, try winning all your games next time, and stop wasting Congressional law-making power.