Remembering Daddy

Daddy and two of his best friends

Daddy and two of his best friends

January 30th marks an unpleasant time of year for me and mine. It was just eight years ago that we said goodbye to my father, the finest example of a man I have ever known. Eight years is a long time, but it’s not hard to go back.

I miss him more every day, but knowing where he is now makes me glad and takes some of it away. That empty hole will never go away, nor do I want it…but time (maybe maturity? That’s hard to swallow) has helped to heal it so that it doesn’t gnaw at my heart like it once did.

So, to celebrate his memory, I found a picture that quickly brought a smile to my face. For those of you who remember him, I hope it will give you one, as well. And for those who had not the privilege, this’ll tell you a lot of what you’d need to know.

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