The Legend of Bull Sullivan

Practically nobody outside East Mississippi knows about or remembers Coach Bull Sullivan. He’s one of those legendary figures you hear about in hushed, reverent tones from the elders of the community. In my area, there are still a number of people around who played for him…such as one of my uncles, my high school principal/football coach, another coach from school, and the daddies of a few of my old school mates. His assistant coach of many years was a cousin of my dad’s. In fact, I have one of his old playbooks in my possession.

Sports Illustrated ran an article on the man–at the time, the longest article ever devoted in SI–back in 1984 by Frank Deford entitled, “The Toughest Coach There Ever Was”. This is pretty much the truth. I wish football were still like this…cry babies like Terrell Owens (T.O.? More like B.O., if you ask me) would never have made it past high school if the sport were still dominated by real men of genius such as this. I would like to share this one on this site, as well as keep it archived here. I didn’t post it with permission, but I figure after twenty years since its printing date, it’s not that critical an issue.

I highly recommend that you read this article, “The Toughest Coach There Ever Was”.

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