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O’Reilly, practice conservation: shut your mouth

Bush announced recently that he was rescinding the executive order prohibiting oil drilling on the continental shelf. An idiot reporter wanted to know why he didn’t tell people to quit driving so much and set their thermostat set points higher to reduce energy consumption, to which Bush says he’s not there to tell people what to do and thinks they’re sharp enough to figure it out for themselves. Bravo, Mr. Bush!

But I hear tonight that Bill O’Reilly thinks that Bush should have taken occasion to push conservation, that “leaders must lead.”

If Bush had done such a thing, I’d have responded in the same way as I’m about to respond to Mr. O’Reilly:
Kiss It!

Most of my driving is to-and-from work and to-and-from church. I don’t go on vacations. I rarely just go to go somewhere, and when I do I usually go with a group.  I don’t need political hacks or guys who ride on the public ticket to tell me how to mind my business.

So all you pinko social engineers can drive on down here to Podunk and suck my butt.  I’ll buy gas as I need it, just like I always have, and I’ll keep my thermostat on 74.  Mississippi is hot as torment in July, and I’ll be dogged before some buttwipe making millions of bucks a year tells me I have to sweat it out so they can feel better about the planet.


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