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Only an Idiot Can Vote for Barack Obama

Yup, that’s a provacative title, but I can’t think of any other explanation aside from abject ignorance. And even that’s a matter of intelligence…people with something on the ball mentally will see for themselves the truth in this. Because it is so provacative, I am constrained to explain why it almost requires an associate’s degree in foolishness to buy what he’s selling. Basically, it boils down to three matters that, while interrelated, are still discernable and worth putting forward.

This is my mile-long post for the year, so hold on to your hats.

The problems with Obama begin and end with those he has associated with over the years. The old adage, “you’re known by the company you keep,” is a universal truth: who one hangs with is a reflection of that person. Some will say that you can’t judge someone by their associations, but this is impossible to defend, as people tend to fraternize with those who they get along with. This is why family get-togethers tend to get testy, because those associations aren’t defined that way…who hasn’t had a shouting match with an uncle or cousin with whom they intensely disagreed?

Look at his buddies, like Tony Rezco (convicted criminal), William Ayers (well-known terrorist loose on a technicality), Franklin Raines (almost single-handedly destroyed a major credit company). But the problem here isn’t only with those he associates with today, but those who has mentored the man in the past. “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright, grandiose hater of white people who now lives among them in a gated community, is merely the tip of the iceberg. Go back to Saul Alinsky, Frank Marshall Davis, Bill Ayers, and any number of other grade-A turds. These men are socialists, if not outright communists…as far as I’m concerned, the scum of the earth. Not only that, but they are of the subversive nature, who seek to weasel their way into power, rather than be upfront and direct with their ambitions. Of course, this is because such ideology is anathema to actual Americans.

You can easily find information on these traitors to the American way of life online, but rarely in context. And it’s outrageous to the Obama groupies to imply that these relationships mean anything negative, yet they feel no compunction against wrapping George Bush around John McCain’s neck like an eight-year old albatross. Sure, he voted along with him 90%, but by looking at the major issues such as the Iraq war, amnesty for illegal aliens, and the financial bail-out, both McCain and the Democrats have been on the wrong side of the fence. To quote one of my own great influences, Clara Peller: “where’s the beef?”

Mentors have a tendency of influencing the thinking of their pupils, and Obama is no different. His economic policies reflect socialist thought. The recent flare-up with Joe the Plumber took the veneer off the Obama policy on economic growth: “take from the rich and give to the poor.” I call this “Robin Hood Economics”, but the most eloquent expression I’ve ever heard was, “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” Of course, that was Karl Marx, the innovator behind Marxism, the belief that class warfare will create historical change (where have we heard that mantra before?) and that capitalism will be replaced by communism as a result.

His whole deal seems to be about “middle class tax breaks”. But anything of the sort will be overridden by crippling taxation of corporations and investments. A $250,000 cutoff? That’s not a lot of money. Many if not most small businesses can easily have that much in taxable assets. It’s a lie, as is the whole thing about his opponent taxing Social Security and cutting Medicare to pay for his tax plan. That’s the oldest trick in the Democratic playbook, and has long been a favorite falsehood of the left.

I’m in favor of breaks for everyone, despite my earnings aren’t middle class, much less upper. I’m not for people who don’t pay taxes getting checks doled out from public funds. It’s a handout to people who didn’t do anything to earn it…this is not “economic stimulus”; it’s actually called “welfare”. This forces a correlation to another of his bad associations: ACORN, an organization he denies association with but which actually provided the setting for his early political days as a “community organizer”. It turns out that his community organizing apparently consisted of repeatedly registering to vote people who were apparently too stupid or lazy to do so themselves.

Such voters will vote for the guy who will give them the biggest piece of other people’s money. This throws us headlong into this famous assertion concerning government money grabs by a free society: “a democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy is always followed by a dictatorship.” With the constant charges of racism against anyone who brings up his assocations or the flaws in his economic plan and the hush that follows in its wake, that doesn’t sound too outlandish to me.

Which this wouldn’t be that outlandish considering his opinion of foreign governments. He’s all for directly meeting without condition with foreign leaders such as Ahmedinejad, Castro, and Chavez, who rule over their subjects with an iron fist. He’s known to have close connections with Raila Odinga, the prime minister of Kenya. In fact, Obama went over there and campaigned for the guy, who happens to be a relative, of the same tribe as Obama’s father. The man ran on a platform that would have mandated that Muslims arrested abroad on charges of terrorism in Kenya under its shari’a law, and he attempted a coup in the early eighties, and he was only given the PM office (Kenya’s #2 position) if he promised to end attacks (rival tribes and Christians) by his supporters (Muslim extremists).

And Obama makes up, he thinks, for his foreign policy inexperience with his running mate, Joe Biden, the human gaffe machine who has not only proven himself colossally idiotic and crass but also has been on the wrong side of practically every important foreign policy issue he has ever encountered.

For these reasons, not to mention more that I just didn’t think of before I wanted this posted, I can only conclude that anyone who’d vote for this guy is an idiot. But the vote of an idiot counts just as much as anyone elses…probably more, since they’ll have more to cast thanks to the likes of ACORN. And after the election, my name is probably mud anyway.


This on-again, off-again, would-be commentator proves that attitudes are contagious, and that some can even kill. To this end, every written word is weighed carefully to ensure the precise delivery of the author's intent while inflicting blunt force trauma to the psyche of the reader.

3 thoughts on “Only an Idiot Can Vote for Barack Obama

  • I remember a couple of years ago I predicted the demise of America as a super power by 2026. I was kind of serious, but also being facetious. With the way this election is going, I wonder if I was more on the mark than I realized.

  • Bravo, sir. It will be an honor to be on the anti-State Watch List with you if the Leader gets “elected”.

  • Well, the idiots have spoken. Too bad we can’t beat the crap out of them for it when the mess hits the fan.

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