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UPDATED 12-24-03: Re-editted the synopses section to look better, load better, and have better integration. I'm still working on how I want it all to work, and a minor site revamp may happen in the next week or so. Until then:

Merry Christmas to all the Lilim!
Merry Christmas to all the Lilim!

UPDATED 07-08-03: Transcribed "Secrets of Evangelion" from NGE Graphic Novels 5 and 6 and uploaded for public viewing. This has general information on the series by subject, from Adam to United Nations. If you ever had trouble understanding anything during the course of EVA, check the EVA FAQ and look under "Secrets of Evangelion."

UPDATED 06-28-03: Completed synopsis of first half of The End of Evangelion, "Air | Love is destructive." The second part, "Sincerely Yours (My Pure Heart For You) | ONE MORE FINAL: I need you.", will be finished in due time, as will the synopsis for Evangelion: Death. Look in the EVA FAQ section under "Evangelion Story" and "Movie Ending".

UPDATED 10-23-02: Completed episode synopses (only lacking film synopsis for End of Evangelion now and more detailed Death/Rebirth synopsis needed). EVA Unit-XX information updated. A full summary of the last two episodes, "Series Ending," is under "Evangelion Story" FAQ listing.

UPDATED 10-7-02: completed update/upload of site information, Evangelion primer, and partially completed episode synopses. Eva information updated with individual Evangelion Unit and some characters information.

Initialization: started with rudimentary information on site creation, primer, and minute subject information.

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