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Fly Me To The Moon's Purpose and Intent

     I created this site for the primary purpose of being an orientation to and a guide through the world of Neon Genesis Evangelion. It is my desire that a first time viewer of the series will find this page to be helpful in their comprehension of the show, and that the more experienced fan can use this site to compare notes and help formulate better supported opinions on the deeper aspects of Eva. The Evangelion show starts off relatively mundane, coming across as yet another giant robot anime; however, it is a simple thing to get thrown off by the first few episodes and then wind up with major league question marks over one's head.

     A primer has been prepared in order to initiate a new viewer to how the series starts out. This page will have nothing that can't be seen casually on the store racks or in the first episode of the program; it was done in order to prevent spoiling the show for the newbie. I kick myself many times when I think about all the shocks and surprises and enjoyment I missed because I knew what would happen next by impatiently reading various web sources, so I intentionally started this site so that it might be accessible to everyone, regardless of what they already know about Evangelion.

     There is a synopses of all episodes in the Evangelion series available for perusal. These summaries will hit the most important parts of each episode, as well as highlight some of the more obscure information that becomes elaborated upon later on in the plot. Many Evangelion information sites have something like this on them, but it's my aim and hope that this one will prove to be the most thorough and easiest to read of them all.

     One of the more ambitious and hopefully most useful of the various components of this site is the Evangelion FAQ. While it's actually an abuse of the term (no "frequently asked questions" per se), it will be the place to go if you need to know about something in particular. This area will have menus which necessitate the user to be browsing with Microsoft's Internet Explorer to take advantage of them, but I think the useability of this format will prove worth the requirements. It's here where more indepth information about specific subjects will be made available, with character, Evangelion, and Angel descriptions; production notes from those who created the series; and articles dealing with the storyline, various constructs within the series, plot devices, and the massive body of symbolism used throughout. This is, again, the most ambitious part of the site, and any help is appreciated, and I refer you to the contact page once again if you feel like contributing in any way.

     I make no claims of being the end-all-be-all information source for the show; there are some other really good sites out there that I'll likely reference and maybe even disagree with here and there. A more personal reason for this site's presence is to formally air my own thoughts on what goes on in Eva and get feedback on it if possible. I purposefully made it so that it would be a two-way street--if I am dead wrong or you disagree with me on some point, by all means let me know about it! The most effective and fun means of contacting me is through my Evangelion message forum, part of my Board of No Return.

~ Shwiggie