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To my knowledge, there aren't any active web sites devoted to Hitman anymore, and very few of them had any real offerings as far as pictures or scans are concerned. And this is a shame, because now that the title is finished not many people will see this one in the back issue bins and think about picking it up. Even if they do, they're likely to pick it up in the middle of a story arc, which can be off-putting to the new reader.

Therefore, I concocted this site so that people will see the goodness that is Hitman and hopefully be moved to pick up the trade paper backs that DC has recently released. And, in case they decide not to release any more TPBs, I have taken it upon myself to preserve the title (at least until DC sends me a cease and desist letter; in which case they'll be sounding the final death knell and I can still at least forward the scans to my buddies >D).

New readers may want to check out #34 first, as it has the least backstory (and won an Eisner Award!). Kyle Rayner Green Lantern haters will want to read #11 first and foremost (but don't look for that entire story line to be uploaded anytime soon). Readers looking for comedy should scope #13-14 for "Zombie Night at the Gotham Aquarium", #22 with the contract the guys take on Santa Claus, or #1,000,000 where Tommy was drug through time by nerds from the future. Those looking for the more Preacher-esque material should check "Dead Man's Land" and "That Stupid Bastich" (which carries an intrinsic humor all its own). But the absolutely best Hitman story of them all is "10,000 Bullets."





Batman Chronicles #4 NEW! 10,000 Bullets





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