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I hate it when people’s middle initial is part of their name

Of course, there’s a thing in the news lately about Michael J. Fox jittering away in a political ad, and it reminds me of a long-standing pet peeve of mine. Why is it that folks want their middle initial in their full name? I don’t go on the air and say, “…this is Scott H. Wiggins…” or whatever, despite how nicely it rolls off the tongue, nor do I insist that others refer to me in that way.

It’s stupid, stupid, stupid.

Everyone knows who Samuel L. Jackson is, so why is it that the “L” is needed? “Samuel L. Jackson stars in ‘Snakes on a Plane’!” Maybe it’s the fact that there’s two “L” sounds adjacent to each other, I dunno. I don’t care, either…it’s lame-O.

You know what? I blame President Harry S Truman. He started this mess. You know what “S” stands for? NOTHING! It’s not an initial! His middle name is “S”! Because he wanted to appear more stately or something. I guess the rest just follow suit. Oh, boy. Check out John F. Kennedy. George H. W. Bush was plain overkill. Anyone ever heard of the comic book writer, Eliot S! Maggin? Great writer, but it absolutely kills me…his middle initial is, apparently “S!”.

You know what bugs me even more? People with first name initials in their name. F. Lee Bailey is a good example. How utterly ridiculous.


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