Immigration Bill Breakdown

Let’s go point-by-point:

1) aliens are given the option of paying a fine to become legal immigrants,
2) those who do not get to go home and try again,
3) those that do are given visas and are on the path to citizenship,
4) legal immigrants continue to do the same thing they’ve been doing for two hundred years to become citizens, and
5) the huge influx of newly legalized immigrants are granted access to social services like social security and welfare.
6) border security gets a token acknowledgement and plans to start enforcing it down the road.

How is it *not* amnesty? The very definition of amnesty is pardoning lawbreakers. That’s what this does…I don’t care what fines you tack onto it, justice is not done. And if you’re going to be all compassionate and merciful, why ask for a fine at all?

What does this actually do? First, it means the government doesn’t have to spend time rounding up illegals and doing something with them. It means that millions of free-loaders and impoverished are thrust onto government aid programs at the taxpayers’ nickel, despite the popular dissent against this bill. It means millions of largely unproductive and uneducated people will be added to the workforce in low paying positions, creating a glut and lowering salaries in general. It means millions of new voters down the line who won’t forget those who made such easy-to-abuse amenities possible for them.

What it looks like to me is a return to the days of slavery and sharecropping with a veneer of morality. Only this time, instead of rich land owners and merchants getting the benefit at the expense of the oppressed, the politicians have figured out how to capitalize on it, too! And this time, the expense is to the average American taxpayer.

Think about it: we’ll be importing ignorant masses because certain businesses need the laborers, and, hey, we’re doing them a favor bringing them into our rich, civilized country. We can cajole them by giving them table scraps in the form of government benefits. We can benefit from them some years from now when they vote certain of us back into office for more meager “favors”. And because we can bank on that fact, we won’t have to repress them to control them and accomplish our true desires…to continue being put in positions of power and authority, and not have to kiss up to the middle-class, generally conservative demographic we all love to hate.

Meanwhile, the borders are going more and more undefended and porous by the day, endangering national security. The national identity is altered forever by the brown surge that does not integrate into the culture but changes the culture itself. National sovereignty is thrown out the window when the laws of the land are openly defied and rewarded, borders with other countries become non-existant, and anyone is allowed entrance regardless of who they are or why they’re here.

It’s bull like this that instigated the War Between the States a hundred and fifty years ago. Only this time, those forcing laws down people’s throats and those pressing for a subclass of people to be accepted nationally are on the same side.

Oh, and those saying that those against this bill are bigots…at least I’m not ramming neo-slavery down everybody’s throat. George Bush and all his cronies can eat a bowl of crap with a side of turd for all I care.


This on-again, off-again, would-be commentator proves that attitudes are contagious, and that some can even kill. To this end, every written word is weighed carefully to ensure the precise delivery of the author's intent while inflicting blunt force trauma to the psyche of the reader.

One thought on “Immigration Bill Breakdown

  • UPDATE: the bill has died in the Senate. Of course, it is the fault of us evil, bigotted, racist conservatives. But they can call us whatever they want, as long as its dead.

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