Yet another revision to

Yup, sure is.

I’ve plinked around with a great many content management systems, looking for one that was easy to use and that would do what I wanted it to.  Come to find out, this will probably do for most if not all that I want to use it for.

This will be a separate site from my others, a hub if you will of all my interests while being a site all to its own.  This one will be perfect for all the varied peoples I’ve come in contact with to see what I’ve got going on.

As in the past, don’t expect a whole lot of fancy design here.  I’m a simple man (as the upcoming blog posts will illustrate), and I don’t like a lot of flash on my sites.  It’s the ruination of the innerweb.  I may make it similar to another site I’ve made in the past, but only time will tell.

Anywho, here it is, like it or lump it!


This on-again, off-again, would-be commentator proves that attitudes are contagious, and that some can even kill. To this end, every written word is weighed carefully to ensure the precise delivery of the author's intent while inflicting blunt force trauma to the psyche of the reader.

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