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May Day!

It’s May Day, A.K.A. Surrender National Sovereignty Day, or “Mayday! Mayday!” For the United States

Today being May Day, whose significance is totally lost to me (being a WASP), thousands of scalawags and assorted immigrants (legal and otherwise) marched their sorry selves up and down American streets protesting the federal government’s enforcement of the border and crack downs on illegal immigration and subsequent employment. More rights for illegal aliens! No, wait, “undocumented workers…don’t call them what they are! It’s, you know…not nice. In the end, I suppose either would be preferable, considering that the one, true term that really describes them is “criminal.

I’ve been mulling over an article on political correctness for a while, but I’m actually leaning toward making a series of articles to eventually be published in book form. But that’s something that’ll take a lot of time and, like most of my little projects, will wind up never happening. So, for the time being, I’ll limit my scope for the purpose of timeliness.

I’m apparently not a very loving person. This is something I do try to work on, as I feel that the amount I love should reflect how much I’m loved. But people really make it difficult, and the reason is because one of my biggest pet peeves is blatant stupidity, and another is blatantly taking advantage of others. I suppose the root of it is blatancy itself. Whatever it is, half-wits such as these marchers fit the bill.

So, what is it that these protesters want? Not much…just total acceptance of illegal aliens in disregard to immigration laws. Not only should we legalize them, but we should also extend a path to citizenship and full welfare benefits. They also think defending the national border is wrong, so we should open the border to whoever wants to come, because so many die en route. Have you heard about how they sued some state government to install water fountains in the desert for illegal aliens to use? If not, read this…unreal.

Furthermore, they desire for a full re-write of immigration laws (since those laws are the source of their woes) to ensure that these rights are codified. Well, Spanish is already on its way to being an official second language in this country…too bad I studied French back in high school. But based on its printing of ballots into Spanish, we’ve already taken steps towards this…as Gingrich has recently said, if only citizens can vote, and immigrants must as a requirement for citizenship learn English…why do we need bilingual ballots? Gee, I wonder?

All this is a very bad thing. It’s not an issue of compassion, but a matter of national sovereignty. Nations cannot maintain control over itself when it cannot control its populace. People don’t like to consider themselves under the control of Washington under the pretense of this being a free country, but we are. This doesn’t have to be proven, and if you want me to prove it to you, then you are a MORON, and I want you to leave here immediately.

The first step to this is regulating the influx of immigrants into the country, because we want these people to become United States citizens. However, the culture today is being derailed by the insidious concept of cultural diversity (whose ultimate, self-defeating goal is complete homogeneity…I’m posting on this topic in the near future, so check back soon), which says that being different is better than conformity and therefore we don’t want an official language to be pushed on people, people should think and feel exactly they way they did in their country of origin, etc. What it is is indicative of the death of nationalism, which many people today (largely of the liberal persuasion) deem is a simplistic relic of history that has no place in what they see as a global community.

I have no problem with legal immigrants, and, short of groups like the Kook Klux Klan, I don’t think anyone else does, either. I certainly don’t dislike Mexicans, despite the fact that Mexican food seriously doesn’t agree with me. But these folks shouldn’t get a free ride just because they’re closer to us than other foreign people. Come in! But come in the right way…entering the country by breaking our laws just isn’t a good first impression.

This is also a major reason we have problems with health care abuse in emergency rooms in heavily trafficked areas near the border and in cities with many illegal residents. Not only that, but they’re the increasing problem with identity theft…I call into remembrance the movie The Net, starring Sandra Bullock, which was very sensationalized but still pretty scary because it reflected a real fear and the trouble that it causes. The illegal immigrants are far less nefarious but no less damaging. You don’t fight crime by excusing another, else you’re compromising your standards for justice…and national sovereignty is weakened ever more.

So the question becomes, what should we do about all this? First of all, we address why they’re here…obviously, they’re looking for work. I admire their work ethic, but a lot are also leeching off the welfare system and taking advantages of social services that are already being strained by domestic parasites. And not only that, there are employers in this country who are hiring these people at cut rate wages. Now, some like to blame them for the totality of illegal immigration and that they’re taking advantage of these people. And they do, but it’s a symbiotic relationship…one side isn’t getting all the benefit at the expense of the other; it is a mutually beneficial situation. But it’s not fair to the workers to be cheated from a fair wage and benefits, but the employers are breaking the law for the same reason they are…the money at the expense of the law, which is there for the reason of protecting fairness in competition between businesses and within the workforce.

We continue to pursue businesses that utilize illegal aliens and raid them. So, what do we do with aliens already here? This is a major sticking point, because nobody likes to deport people. Guess what? That’s exactly what should be done. You break the law, so you should pay the penalty. You’re not citizens, so I don’t think you should be put up in a jail. “I can escape squalor in Mehico by coming over and getting arrested and fed three times a day?  SOLD!” You should be deposited on the southern end of Mexico and left there for them to deal with. It’s expensive, but not as much as building more prisons.

They’ll just come back over the border, right? Not if we get serious about guarding it. We’ve got good people down there doing that work now, but they’re totally overwhelmed. Put a number of military outposts there to patrol and maintain a presence there. Make use of spy satellites and infrared monitors. Put up fencing in the less easily defensible areas. Give people with land adjoining the border carte blanche and subsidies to fence their lands and guard them…if castle laws aren’t available there, put them into effect. Slow the influx to a trickle. These mealy-mouthed protesters won’t like it, but they cannot sufficiently justify their ridiculous opinions.

However, what will happen is our idiotic Democratic Congress and bull-headed President will hem and haw to the point that they’ll eventually accept the demands of these marching cretins by offering amnesty and further destabilizing the rule of law. One of the failures of the Reagan administration (one of the few, in my opinion) was his granting of amnesty in 1986. This was a major misstep on his part, and the problem has only escalated since that time, but the lesson has not yet been learned.

They’ll never do anything substantive to the border to effectively address the problem. And you won’t have the focus on business, since bleeding hearts aren’t willing to take away jobs for illegals or expose them, and business interests don’t want the illegal piece of the corporate pie to be touched. Because many Hispanic citizens tend to support amnesty due to their community closeness to the issue (they should be worried about the interests of the nation rather than their community alone…thanks cultural diversity), politicians will pander to that sensitivity. In fact, that’s the only thing you can trust them for. To quote Bernie Goldberg, politicians should be changed often, like diapers and for the same reason. But at this point, the only way that’ll happen is for a hydrogen bomb to go off in Washington during the next State of the Union address.

In the end, we’ll have further abuse of social services, resulting in an increase of spending to compensate but with a decrease in efficiency and availability. Legitimate workers will be deprived of the ability to compete for jobs being directed at cheap illegal labor. Businesses will continue to abuse the system to undercut each other. Politicians will keep playing for the Hispanic vote. And the sovereignty of this nation continues to be undermined.

And, as a final note, if Mexico doesn’t like it, that’s just tough. We have more trouble dealing with invaders they encourage to come here than we have from any other country. If al-Qaeda sent as many over here, we’d have been done for long ago. So we can give them a choice: stop exporting your poverty problems or we’ll stop it for you. And if the U.N. doesn’t like it, then I invite them to try doing something about it.

And, as Walter Kronkite used to say, that’s the way it is.


This on-again, off-again, would-be commentator proves that attitudes are contagious, and that some can even kill. To this end, every written word is weighed carefully to ensure the precise delivery of the author's intent while inflicting blunt force trauma to the psyche of the reader.

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