My two bits on the Mark Foley scandal

There’s a lot being said about this lately.  Democrats say we should put down the Republican leadership because they knew of it.  Republicans say they didn’t know and Dems are using it for political gain.  Now a Catholic priest is said to have swam naked with him as a child, all in a way of fixing blame for the man’s own perversion.

There’s a lot wrong with this country and world.  But to tell the truth, they’re all right.  Democrats are right to insist Republican leadership be held accountable for this sort of activity…just for the wrong reasons  This certainly couldn’t have been news to some people.  You know, pages talk.  Someone with authority to do something smelled something fishy.  But Republicans, by and large, aren’t responsible for it, and turning over control to the Democrats (the champions of sexual activity in government offices and homosexuality) so they can impeach the president, raise taxes, and pass other garbage that regular decent people don’t want in there.

Now they want to blame a Catholic priest for instilling perversion in the young Mark Foley by skinny dipping with him.  Of course, this highlights an ongoing problem within the Catholic church.  They never have really addressed it with any sort of authority, not to mention do something about the erroneous and non-Biblical doctrine of a celibate priesthood.  But it’s not that guy’s fault that Foley propositioned teenaged boys in Congressional offices.  It’s not even the fault of the boy’s parents who didn’t beat the priest to a bloody pulp for it.  No, it’s Foley’s fault.

And his crimes (yes, crimes) should not be used to further any political group’s agendas.  So don’t be afraid to vote in November.  It’s not a referendum on Bush.  It’s not a righteous crusade to get rid of those who purportedly permitted this activity.  It’s about the same old stuff it always has been.  Don’t forget it.


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