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On the killing of young children

Forever young.

In case you didn’t I’m talking the JonBenet Ramsey case that has proven inescapable for anyone watching cable news over the past few days. Man, I thought I was sick and tired of hearing about it when it first happened…hard to believe it’s been ten years since then. I’m getting old…the O.J. Simpson thing predates it, and I remember it quite vividly, as well.

In short, just in case anyone just emerged from the cave for the first time in a week, (specifically those who came forth to read this obscure blog), some pedo-looking dork named John Karr “confessed” to doing the deed this week. He said he killed her and claimed to have done horrible things to her because he loved her. Of course, we all choke to death and violate in very unnatural and brutal manners those we love, particularly six year-olds.

For even claiming it, the man should be put in gyno-stirrups and kicked in the groin by each individual citizen of the city of Boulder, CO, for starters. I’d personally like to shoot the man’s limbs off, and I wouldn’t feel bad about it. You may think me crude and inhuman for saying that, but do you feel bad about flushing the toilet? It’s the same thing. This isn’t even assuming that he’s lying. Sickos like this should be destroyed like rabid dogs.

But seriously, why all the television drama? Because it’s all about the ratings game. But you know, I’d hate for a kid around the same age as the victim here to watch this and ask why DNA and splinters would be in panties anyway. There’s been no developments since the initial statement from the Karr guy. Do we honestly need 24-hour coverage? Is the need so great to fill the void left by the Israeli/Hizballah conflict they were falling over themselves for? I’m not sure Karr’s the only sicko we’re dealing with here.

All I see here is the face of a beautiful little girl who was pimped out by her family wanting to relive their own former “glory” and whose life was cut drastically short before she could even start living it out. She’d be around sixteen by now.


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