Political fallout from the election

Okay, Democratic controlled Congress is forthcoming in January. The sun will rise every day next year just like it did this year. I may pay more in taxes, but that’s nothing new. We’ll all survive. Sure, it’s not the most optimal of circumstances, but they haven’t been optimal since….ever.

So, what happened? Dems took advantage of the public’s disdain for political discourse and ignorance while Republicans as a whole failed to take a stand on some major issues and moderate-ed themselves to such a degree that the Dems in comparison didn’t seem that bad. Or at least that’s what most of the conservative commentators would have you believe. “Republicanism failed, but conservatism did not” is the mantra…but it’s a load of hooey.

The failure is multi-faceted.

First, Republicans left their base. They should all stand up against illegal immigration. They should all stand against gay marriage. They should all stand for smaller government, reduced spending, balanced budgets, and lower taxes. They should push for the federal government to give the states back their undiverted authority guaranteed in the Consitution. They should stand against judicial revisionism. They should stand up for responsible foreign policy, which means more stingy foreign aid, less involvement in regional issues, and absolute victory against those who’d move to destroy us. When Republicans hem-haw on any of this, they abandon traditional American values and therefore their base who believe in being left the heck alone by foreign influence, which can be anything from federal government intrusiveness to foreign dictates on our national policy and international murder-death-killers.
Second, the American people need to grow up and quit expecting government to fix every little thing. They need to learn to think for themselves and process what’s going on without depending on analysts and spin doctors in the media (Limbaugh calls it the “drive-by media”…I like that, but I lump him in there, as well). They need to demand these things and live life as intended by the Lord Jesus and His servants, our nation’s founding fathers. Demand accountability of your leaders, citizens! Find out what the thunder they’re doing. It’s time people realized that the world is not their oyster…it’s a cruel, hard place that must be faced head-on.

Third, we need a leader. I mean, a real leader. The last true leader this nation ever had was Ronald Reagan. No matter what you thought about him or his policies, the man set the agenda and the tone for the twenty years following his first election to the presidency. Democrats may have hated him, but they couldn’t resist him, and neither could America. And boy, did the international community ever reel from his presence! He didn’t do everything perfectly (it just doesn’t happen), but he used his charisma and convictions to effectively lead the country. What have we had since? George Bush, Sr., the presidential equivalent to a limp wrist; Bill “what does yes mean” Clinton; and George Bush, Jr., slow-talkin’ follower of prescribed neo-con agendas. Sad thing is, look who they had to beat to get in the Oval Office! Michael Dukakis? Robert Dole? Al Gore? John Kerry? These losers were just as bad.

I don’t care if its the Dems or the Repubs that find one, as long as it’s a true leader. Look at the leaders of our past: Reagan, JFK, Eisenhower, FDR, and on back. Their leadership, regardless of party, are unquestionable. We need another of their kind to lead in these days of uncertainty and doubt. Along that line, I’m eligible in 2016….

I amaze myself sometimes…I never once mentioned exiling socialists from this country. Well, until now. But it would help.


This on-again, off-again, would-be commentator proves that attitudes are contagious, and that some can even kill. To this end, every written word is weighed carefully to ensure the precise delivery of the author's intent while inflicting blunt force trauma to the psyche of the reader.

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