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Attention Pistol/PCC Shooters!

A pistol/PCC (pistol-caliber carbine) competition will be held at Battlefield Shooting Range (directions) north of Collinsville, MS, on May 11th. In this four stage competition, shooters will compete for the fastest time in all courses of fire.

Registration will begin at 8:30AM and will cost $10 per entry for range members and $20 for non-members. A basic safety briefing will begin at 9AM with the competition to follow. Equipment requirements include eye & ear protection, a holstered pistol of caliber 9mm or greater with at least two magazines AND/OR a pistol-caliber carbine of caliber 9mm or greater with at least two magazines, and sufficient ammunition for multiple stages. Magazine holders are recommended.

Barring inclement weather (watch this space) we look forward to seeing everyone there! If you’ve been before, we hope you can make it again; if you’ve never been, you are welcome to come! If you just want to check it out, just bring eye and ear protection.

Please feel free to share this to everyone you think will be interested, and be sure to check periodically for any updates. Competition can help evaluate and sharpen gun-handling skills, so we hope to see as many people participate as possible.

Mark your calendar for State Games 2-gun shoot on June 8th and pistol shoot on June 9th!

For more general information on shooting competitively please refer to this article: https://www.shwiggie.com/first-comp/


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