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Supreme Court for the (rare) win

A big win for our Republic today, as the Supreme Court narrowly affirmed the right of Americans to keep and bear arms in their decision on District of Columbia V Heller today. This won’t result in a nationwide Castle Doctrine, though it would be nice, but at least the right is affirmed. What it will result in will be ludicrously byzantine and laser-focused gun laws, but at least a Constitutional right wasn’t declared unconstitutional. Not that it would make sense, but it’s what the four black-robed popinjays who voted against the second amendment were trying to do.

The problem, as I see it, is that it has nothing to do with hunters and hunting, as the moronic left (as if there were any other variety) apparently likes to think. The second amendment outlines the core American right; the one that guarantees all the others outlined in the Bill of Rights. The fact that this right was nearly stripped away is both frightening and instructive.

The Declaration of Independence, this nation’s founding document, states that our Creator endowed us with certain unalienable rights which such as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. But that is where most stop…it continues, stating that government is instituted to secure these rights, and this government’s powers are justly derived from the governed. However, if a government violates and eventually abrogates these God-given rights, “it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it.”

The second amendment makes that possible. While it’s outrightly stated that its primary purpose is to establish the security of the State through militia, the amendment doesn’t allow it that given purpose as a condition, as it states without question that the right to bear arms shall not and therefore cannot be infringed. Given that the State’s raison d’etre is to secure the rights of the governed and its powers derive from the same, the State is not the government, but the people. Therefore, the security of the State is directly and irrevocably tied to personal and corporate security…whether the battle requiring arms is against domestic intruders, foreign invaders…or the State government itself.

The government will continue to infringe upon the right of people to keep and to bear arms in the form of ridiculous gun laws that serve only to restrict the law-abiding citizen from both obtaining and using those arms to which they have been gifted by Providence. But, at least now, they can’t be straight-up banned by municipalities run by pinko yuppie commies.

For me, however, I frankly don’t care what the turkeys in Washington decide. To quote a radio show caller I heard on the air today, “anyone I catch in my house better have a pizza or a subpoena!” This decision is the only one good one in three recent cases (granting terrorists U.S. civil court rights and overturning the death penalty for child rapists), so this might well be the one that keeps a mob of P.O.’ed reactionaries like me from marching up the steps of the Supreme Court building to tar-and-feather the idiots responsible…call it “three strikes and you’re out”.


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