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This is a tentative listing of articles that will be added to this site in the future. If you have something to submit for the Articles section of The Transformers Reference Site, please use the Contact form.

  1. General Transformers Information
  2. Specific Information
    1. Generation One (G1) Transformers
      1. U.S. Continuity
      2. U.K. Continuity
        • Toyline information
        • Comic canon
      3. Japanese Continuity
    2. Generation Two (G2) Transformers
      1. Toyline information
      2. Comic information
    3. Beast Generation Transformers
      1. U.S. Beast Wars
        • Toyline information
        • Cartoon information
      2. Japanese Beast Wars
        • Toyline information
        • Beast Wars II
        • Beast Wars Neo
    4. Miscellaneous Transformers
      1. Machine Wars
      2. Beast Machines
      3. Car Robots (Japanese)
  3. Fandom Information
    1. Fanfiction
    2. Discussion Forums
    3. Newsgroups
    4. Fan demographics

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