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Hopefully in the future, there will be a links area that will be broken down into different types of sites. Categories currently under development are Informational (mainly info based pages, like Yee's and PrimeSabre's Japanese TF Pages), Humor (TFWW and Ratbats TF Humor), Media (Rockman's site and Khenna's Robot Art), Personal (like Rob's Pile of TF and Rob Jung's EE), Commercial (TF sales, like EBay and Wizzywig Collectables), and Discussion Forums (as in The AllSpark, Dewtropolis, and the like).

Do you have a Transformers web site? Or do you know of one out there that should be linked to? Submit your link for placement on this page.

It should be noted here that there is already a Tranformer listing page at Renaud Thierry LeFebvre's "Complete" Transformers Listing Pages. It should also be noted that although it has many TF sites listed, it is actually not complete and is only sporadically updated.

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