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To Protest, or Not to Protest

One of the key freedoms guaranteed in the first amendment to the U.S. Constitution is the right to free speech. It is this right that allows us to speak our minds and have open debate on issue that divide, leading to cooperation among parties and determination of solutions to common problems. It is the cornerstone of the republic.

Unfortunately, too many interpret this to mean “freedom of expression“, leading them to make asses of themselves. I’m looking at the recent political conventions and the missing Anthony child case in Florida.  Just because you have the freedom to speak doesn’t mean you are free to be an infernal pest in so doing.

During the Democratic convention, there were protesters whose primary goal seems to have been to make the Denver police department stretch their budgets unnecessarily. The “Recreate ’68” idiots (glorifying the lunacy surrounding the 1968 debacle) turned out to be all talk, with the only real controversial matter being the arrest of an ABC newsman who dared video Democratic fat cats going to a hotel for a private meeting. What was the point of all the brou-ha-ha beforehand? I really don’t know…I think it was just extreme left blowhards mad that the Democratic Congress had not yet outlawed the military and impeached George Bush.

The Republican convention was more of an event regarding protesters, who did their best to show themselves the jerks they are. Two hundred fifty of them had to be removed from the vicinity, and at least two Code Pinkos were able to disrupt McCain’s nomination acceptance speech. What did this accomplish, other than to show normal people that these people are kooky and obnoxious attention whores? Interrupting the speech only showed how sad they really are.

This week, I’m watching the protesting around the home of the Anthony family, where it’s popularly believed a woman killed and disposed of her two year old. What’s the point of staying outside someone’s home and harrassing their family? The protesters ran afoul of the neighbors, who feared for their children’s safety with all the thuggy looking people hanging around. What’s the point of all this? If they were protesting at my house, they’d have two problems: first, there’s about two acres of private property between the house and the road, and, second, I’m armed and trigger-happy when it comes to weirdos yelling at me at my own home.

People have a right to speak out against things they disagree with or are outraged over. There’s plenty of reasons to protest the political realms these days, but no reason to be foolish. It reminds me of the movie P.C.U., where the whole campus was so politically correct that there were protests staged at every turn, encouraged by the school’s administration. Finally, at the end, everyone came together and protested the graduation with the chant, “we’re not gonna protest!” I always appreciated the irony of the movie’s climax, that these people finally realized they’d been duped into believing, one, that protesting accomplished anything and, two, that they’d been the butt of a joke the whole time.

These protesters are clearly passionate and driven…too bad they aren’t working somewhere with that passion and drive. Too bad they aren’t running for office with that kind of passion and drive. Too bad they’re wasting time on the streets rather than doing something productive. Fact is, nobody cares about your opinions. For that matter, nobody cares about mine…I’m blogging to vent, not inform or argue a point with someone.

I guess protesting is a form of venting…but they need to find a better time and place to vent on their own, instead of wasting themselves by interrupting conventions and harrassing people outside their homes.


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